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Commercial Photography, Wedding Photography, PR & Event Photography, Landscape Photography and more!!!
I started serious photography again in 2002 although I studied film photography at college some 20ish years ago! However I found the lack of instance with film frustrating... I was always waiting to see what I had taken. The digital revolution changed all that. The immediacy of digital imaging and the additional creativity that can be shown in post production gave me a new excitement for the medium. 
As you will see I tend to enjoy the entire range of photography and have been a photographer since 2002 as well as working full time for over 10 years with Pure Energy Multimedia Ltd a creative web design & communications business based in Haverhill Suffolk. Pure Energy has been my creative outlet for the majority of my commercial work. Due to the nature of the business at Pure Energy I have been lucky enough to work on several high end commercial photography projects as well as PR, Marketing and Advertising jobs.
Outside of my main commercial work I also photograph portraits, weddings, events, landscapes and more! I work on the principle of "why specialise in photographing certain scenes or subjects?"  I would soon get bored of that very quickly! I believe the techniques and inspiration you gain while photographing one subject prove invaluable when photographing others.
This is why I don't confine myself and never will.
If you are looking for a photographer, whatever the subject then contact me for a chat... I always do my very best to turn your ideas and visualisations into reality.
I want my photographs to be windows I want people to be able to revisit them and share the emotions and wonder I feel when taking them. For me they work when people feel, even for a moment, that they are somewhere else. I'm pleased to be able to present some of my work here for you to see. I hope you enjoy my photographs.
Thank you

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